Expertise Comptable, Audit et Conseil

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UHY Ben Mokhtar & Co, independant professional of accounting, law and finance has a privileged relationship with governement agencies, institutions and companies and assists them in their search for better resource management by helping them in :

  • Understanding the challenges of the business environment of the country;
  • Assessing the strategies pursued and their alternatives;
  • Identifying, planning and assisting in the implementation of human, technical and financial resources for their management;
  • Evaluating assets and counseling on transfer operations and restructuring of the business. 

comptable.jpgThe Accountant is a partner of the company in legal, accounting, tax and social matter.

UHY Ben Mokhtar & Co mobilizes the necessary human and technical resources in order to meet the needs of its customers.

Mainly SME-oriented, our accounting tasks cover: bookkeeping, account supervision, assistance in the preparation of financial statements and periodic reporting.

·         Organization and implementation of the accounting department;

·         Setting up an accounting system adapted to the needs of the business;

·         Permanent or ad hoc accounting support;

·         Control and periodic monitoring of accounts;

·         Keeping your accounting;

·         Computer processing of accounting;

·         Validation of the choice of accounting software for the company;

·         Preparation of periodic summary reports;