Expertise Comptable, Audit et Conseil

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Outsourcing refers that the company obtain functional and operational services from the outside rather than provide them within.

Applied to accounting and staff management, outsourcing consists of conferring UHY Ben Mokhtar & Co, on a commitment towards specific tasks, the responsability and execution of part or all of the accounting and payroll function.

UHY Ben Mokhtar & Co has developed over the past ten years in this area, the outsourcing of accounting management and payroll for the small and medium companies, including branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies based in the Free Zone of Tangier.

·    Accounting Management: the book keeping of accounting records, production of accounts and of periodic reports in almost real time are the  services that UHY Ben Mokhtar & Co offers  to companies in order to improve their  accounting and financial records.

·    Social Services Management: from assistance in writing labour contracts to the production of periodic payrolls, declarations of social security and assistance to personnel management ensuring compliance with social obligations, UHY Ben Mokhtar & Co can fully handle the human resources administration of the company.


Our firm handle total or partial operational services such as:

•       The near real time  bookkeeping of accounts, including:

1.     Book keeping of documents and records

2.     Account editing and analysis

3.     Preparation of financial and fiscal statements

4.     Production of a monthly reporting to managing directors and/or their head offices

•       Payroll management, including:

1.      Assistance in  preparing labour contracts

2.      Preparing pay slips

3.      Preparing social and tax  declarations statements

4.      Preparing S.T.C., different certificates etc. ..

•       The legal secretariat of the company, including:

1.      Preparing board meetings.

2.      Writing of the minutes of meetings (Executive Board, General Assembly etc.)

3.      Updating statutory registers

4.      Accomplishing the required  legal formalities and obligations

•       Management Invoicing - customers