Expertise Comptable, Audit et Conseil

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The launch of a project or setting up a new business is a particularly difficult and challenging task.

Factors of failure are abundant and can only be avoided by using a methodology that can quantify the unexpected, to foresee the necessary resources and gather the means to implement the project.

UHY Ben Mokhtar & Co's role is to truly accompany the investor at each stage of the project. For example: provide information on the business environment in Morocco, participate in developing the business plan, choosing and creating the right legal structure, and assistance in recruiting the staff....

UHY Ben Mokhtar & Co understands perfectly the Moroccan business environment, thus providing realistic operational solutions in the best optimum cost and quality conditions:


Economic and financial feasibility studies of startup projects in Morocco;

o    Assistance and advice in choosing the appropriate legal form of incorporation;

o    Preparation of the company's administrative file to complete legal formalities;

o    Study and presentation of different tax options to start in Morocco in general and Tangier in particular:

•       Advantages of Tangier and the northern area of the Kingdom

•       Specificities of the Tangier Export Free Zone

•       Specificities of Tangier Financial Offshore Zone

o    Assistance in various requests for permits and authorizations.